About us

ScanViz Lidar Systems – the Russian company, developer, specializing in producing equipment for mobile laser scanning.

Our company started its work in 2017.

We-the company of young developers, inspired by the idea of reliable equipment’s creation, providing the high accuracy which allows conducting fast data processing.

In 2018 our company managed to create reliable and available at the price of solution.

Understanding the existing needs of our clients in inexpensive but technological equipmentpromotes us to expand our own geodetic equipment production.

The main area of our work is based on abalanced approach toequipment’s selectionfor the needs of consumers,organizing skilled technical support and professional service maintenance.

Our systems are simple and easy to install and integrate, simple in exploitation and reliable, they provide high accuracy of results. Simple and fast procedure of data processing is also the feature of our decisions.

Maximal convenience and broad functionality are those qualities which modern geodetic equipment and software has to be conformed to.

Scan Viz Lidar Systems strive to offer the products combining modern technology, reliability and reasonable price, providing skilled technical support and professional service maintenance.