SV Capture

Software for managing mobile system of laser scanning has intuitive web interface which can be opened on any devices with a web browser. In the program device settings are set up if it is necessary to make projects and set off the scanning process.
During the work process the state of system is drawn out, notifications are displayed. As a result we get the set of raw data for loading in the program to collect cloud -SV Cloud Maker. These data can be used in outside software.

SV Cloud Maker

Software for creating cloud scanning data. The folder with the project inside and equalized trajectory is downloaded, the necessary reference system and filter options are chosen.
As a result you get the clouds of points in the form of LAS, LAZ, e57 for further using in outside softwares such as Terrasolid, VisionLidar, CREDO 3D SCAN and many others.

Inertial Explorer

Trajectory program by GNSS data with base station and GNSS data of system scanning with inertial system of navigation.